Cake Makeup

Cake Makeup


NOTE: For accurate colour selection please see the Grimas webpage in the colour details section.


Then choose from the colours available above.


Easy to apply base with humid sponge
• Allow to dry
• Wipe gently with tissue or soft cloth
• Remove with Cleansing Cream - Cleansing Milk
• Designed for black and white photos, ballet, theatre
• Lighting-shading with Rouge-Eyeshadow
• Also designed for facepaintings-bodypaint.
• 48 colours.


Grimas Cake Make-up is a very matt basic make-up. It is used for cosmetic make-up (television, film and photography) as well as for large and small-scale theatre. Cake Make-up is ideal for large areas of the body (e.g. for ballet, body-painting or blacking up e.g. as Zwarte Piet) or as the basis for painting in combination with Grimas Water Make-up (Pure or Fluorescent). Cake Make-up is available in 35-gram boxes.


There is a large range of colours of Cake Make up: black, white, off-white, grey and a wide range of skin shades, from light to very dark skin. There are no bright Cake Make-up colours.


Cake Make up adheres best if the skin is not greasy. The skin should therefore first be cleaned with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. If the skin is somewhat dehydrated or sensitive, you can apply a thin layer of Grimas Under Make-up Base once you have cleansed the skin. Do this a few minutes before applying the Cake Make-up, to ensure that the Under Make-up Base has been completely absorbed into the skin. Do not use any greasy creams under the Cake Make-up.


Apply Cake Make-up with a slightly damp make-up sponge. You can also press the make-up sponge down onto a tissue to remove any excess moisture. If you work with too much moisture, streaks will form. You can smooth the color with a soft, dry cloth. 
First dab a little Cake Make-up onto the hand to check the colour intensity. Then apply the make-up evenly from top to bottom with a rolling/dabbing action, working from light to dark when using several colours. Apply the Cake Make-up into the hairline and do not forget the ears and neck. This will prevent it from looking like a mask. 

Cake Make-up dries quickly, so you need to work quickly to achieve a good result. Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge can create beautiful light and shadow effects for Cake Make-up. Cake Make-up can also be applied with a brush. Using a brush, take the Cake Make-up from the edge of the box (rather than the centre, to avoid crumbs forming).


Make-up effect and durability
Cake Make-up will give a matt finish and therefore does not have to be powdered off and will stay in place well. If you do still want to powder off lightly, for example for photography, use Grimas Compact Powder or Make-up powder. Cake Make-up will still stay in place well under warm and moist conditions (lamps during photography, tropical climate).
Work hygienically and always use clean make-up sponges. Do not leave the moist sponge lying on top of the make-up, as the Cake Make-up will then become saturated with moisture. Allow the make-up to dry naturally before closing the box.
Cake Make-up should preferably be stored in dry, dark and cool conditions.


Cake Make-up can be removed with Grimas Cleansing Cream or with water and soap (shampoo can also be used). Massage it in briefly and rinse off with lukewarm water. Do not use Afschmink, as this contains waxes and oils that actually cause the Cake Make-up to adhere to the skin. Then cleanse the skin with Cleansing Lotion.

Grimas Professional Make-Up is a dutch company which develops and produces make up for the professional and hobby segment with the use of traditional methods. This can include a variety of different applications, for example theatre make-up, make up, beauty, camouflage and face paint.



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