Crepe Wool for Hair and Beards

Crepe Wool for Hair and Beards


• To be used to make moustaches and beards
• Apply using Grimas Mastix or Stubble Paste 
• Please Note: There can be slight colour variations between dye batches.


1m Length


Grimas Wool Crepe is a woven strand of pieces of sheep's wool that you can use to make single-use beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns. Wool crepe is also used for concealing the edges of a fake beard and for creating a beard stubble effect. When concealing the edges of a false beard, we recommend working with pieces of Wool Crepe at least 50cm in length.

Wool Crepe is available in a variety of colours. The colours can be combined together and may be coloured further if necessary with Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge. For concealing the edges of a ‘Sinterklaas' or Father Christmas beard, we recommend colour no. 2 (light blonde) for a buffalo-hair or cream-coloured fake beard and colour no. 1 (white) for a white / synthetic false beard.

Items required
You need the following in order to be able to created the required Wool Crepe effects: scissors, Grimas Mastix Extra or Water-soluble Mastix, Mastix Remover, styling tongs (curling tongs or an iron can be used too), a pointed comb (you can alternatively use the tip of an artist's brush handle) and strong hairspray or plastic spray (can be found in hobby shops). For details of how you then do the actual work, please refer to 'Basic Techniques for Grimas Wool Crepe'.

To improve adhesion to the skin, first clean with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. For a shorter duration (training course situation), you can use Water-soluble Mastix for gluing the Wool Crepe on. For longer-lasting adhesion and serious theatrical work, glue the Wool Crepe on with Mastix Extra. If there is any doubt, we recommend you should always use Mastix Extra.

If you have used Grimas Water-soluble Mastix, the Wool Crepe can be removed with lukewarm water and a little soap if necessary. Wool Crepe that has been stuck on with Mastix Extra can be removed with Mastix Remover. 
To stress the skin as little as possible, you can first massage Grimas Cleansing Cream in. You can then already pull some of the hairs loose and remove them with a tissue. The remaining hairs and the adhesive can be removed using a cotton wool pad and Mastix Remover. Dab it carefully onto the skin and roll the residual material off the skin. The skin can be cleaned with soap and water (shampoo can also be used). Further cleaning can be done with Cleansing Lotion. 

Grimas Professional Make-Up is a dutch company which develops and produces make up for the professional and hobby segment with the use of traditional methods. This can include a variety of different applications, for example theatre make-up, make up, beauty, camouflage and face paint.



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