Eyelashes 4

Eyelashes 4


Grimas Eyelashes are used to make the eyelashes fuller or to create an effect. Eyelashes are available in a variety of lengths, shapes and materials, varying from hand-tied lashes of real hair to plastic eyelashes and combinations of both. A number of variants are available: base lashes, upper lashes and medium and large lash extensions. The lashes are available in boxed sets.


Grimas Eyelashes are available in many different colours, including silver and gold. 

Take the Eyelashes carefully out of the box. Using the adhesive edge that holds it in the box, you can attach the Eyelashes to the upper eyelash edge using tweezers or the fingers. Work from the inside outwards, starting slightly inside the inner corner of the eye. Remove the Eyelashes again. Any excess length can be cut off at the outer end. If there is any doubt, it is better to make the Eyelashes 1mm too short!
Apply a little Grimas Eyelash Adhesive to the hand and then apply a small amount of adhesive along the eyelash edge with the point of a spatula or the back of a brush. Use a little extra adhesive for the innermost and outermost ends. Apply the Eyelash from the inside outwards using fingers or tweezers.

Removing Eyelashes
Remove the Eyelashes or Eyelash Extensions carefully. Clean the eye with Grimas Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Lotion or Make-up Remover. The Eyelashes can be re-used if they have not lost their shape. Carefully loosen the adhesive from the eyelash edge with your finger and place the eyelash back in the box.

Grimas Professional Make-Up is a dutch company which develops and produces make up for the professional and hobby segment with the use of traditional methods. This can include a variety of different applications, for example theatre make-up, make up, beauty, camouflage and face paint.



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