Water Makeup - Flourescent - UV

Water Makeup - Flourescent - UV


Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up is an unperfumed, gluten-free water-based make-up that illuminates under black light.  It is intended for face-painting and body-painting.  Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint.


Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up does not contain chemical preservatives (such as e.g. parabens).

The Cosmetics Decree defines the requirements for marketing cosmetics within the European Community.  However, no additional requirements are imposed on make-up intended for children.  Only Denmark has a defined safety requirements for the composition of materials intended for hobbies and creative activities.  This also covers water make-up for children.  Category A is a highest category that can be obtained.


Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up is Category A certified.


Grimas uses legally permitted and REACH-registered raw materials for its cosmetics.  Of the permitted pigments and colorants, Grimas only uses those that may also be used near the eyes and the mucous membranes.  That therefore also applies to the colours used in Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up.

The number of colours of Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up is limited because the other colorants currently available on the market that fluoresce under black light do not comply with Grimas requirements for use near the eyes and mucous membranes.  Grimas believes that such a requirement is obvious of cosmetics, particular if it is for make-up that is also going to be used on children.


This is in contrast with many other brands of products currently on the market that fluoresce under black light.  These do often state in small letters on the back of the packaging that the product is not a cosmetic, but for example paint for special effects.


Fluorescent Water Make-up is available in palettes of 6 x 2.5ml cups.  Other colours can be ordered separately in 2.5ml cups.



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